What really thali is?

Tuesday- Sunday 1130am to 3pm

Thali is all about the traditional Indian style meal with a proper balance of six flavours in a single plate. You can enjoy Thali in two different styles i.e vegetarian and non vegetarian. Thali is a perfect and slow cooked meal which represents Indian food buffet.

As soon as you enter the seat to embark on your feast, we will place a platter and a series of servers will be serving hot meal. Beginning the meal with salad, you can have naan with delicious curry. Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian style biryani’s aroma will touch your senses. Your platter will be filled with traditional Indian style curries, next watch how vegetable fry will be landing into your plate.

In the journey through your Thali, White rice with 2 curries and a non veg curry for Nonvegetarians along with rasam, sambar and crispy papad will satisfy your taste buds.

We can promise you that you will end Thali with complete satisfaction. Your stomach will be filled with nutritious and traditional Indian food that satisfies your taste buds.

At the end of your meal we will provide a warm finger bowl to wash your hand. We ensure a complete Indian traditional delicious meal.